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Why Distance Education

Power your career through distance education learning with Edukraft India

Many of the students manage to complete their education only till high school (10+2) and directly jump into getting employed mostly due to insufficient funds to pursue further education. It is observed that such individuals often regret the decision especially if they want to enhance their job prospects by opting for higher education. However, they fail to meet required eligibility and most of the full time employees find it difficult to manage studying with their busy schedules to complete education.

However, distance education courses have totally changed the scenario as those who would have been otherwise deprived of the access to education. Students who are not able to take advantage of the traditional education system which requires physical attendance in classrooms can apply for admission to such courses. It empowers students to continue learning and grow in their respective fields while they earn too.

Examinations are held across various centres providing flexibility to the students. Students can enrol for variety of courses offered in different streams at undergraduate and postgraduate level. After completion of the course students are awarded the degree which is authentic. Thus, it is a great opportunity for those who wish to improve their educational qualification and are interested in undertaking advanced studies of their interest without being required to join as full time students.

Students can study from the material provided at their own place and pace. The elimination of conventional concrete classroom infrastructure allows students even from remote areas to undertake higher education efficiently.

We at Edukraft India provide consultation for the following distance education courses from University of Mumbai, Madhav University and Sri Satya Sai University of Technology and Medical Sciences:

PHD, MPHIL, B.ED, M.ED, LLB, B.A LLB, LLM, D PHARMACY, B PHARMACY, B.P.ED, D.P.ED, M.P.ED, Diploma Engineering, B Tech Engineering, MTech Engineering