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Edukraft provides expert services for overseas education consulting in various countries and courses like MBBS, MBA, MTECH, BTECH, and UNDERGRADUATES SPECIALISED COURSES.

Program options

Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics, Telecommunication, Civil, Chemical, Petroleum, Aeronautics and Automobile Designing.

Computer & IT
Computer Science, Software Development, Database Management, Artificial Intelligence, Networking & Security, Animation, Games Development and Robotics

General Practitioner, Nursing, Ophthalmology, Pharmacy and Dentistry

Biomedical, Nutrition, Biological, Forensic, Biotechnology and Pharmacology

Business Management
Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Investment & Banking, Human Resources and International Business

Hospitality Management
Hotel, Travel & Tourism, Culinary, Bakery & Pastry, Leisure, Health & Spa

Arts & Design
Fashion, Graphic, Interior, Textile, Fine Arts, Applied Art, Performing Art, Product Design and Photography

Mass Media, PR, Advertising, Health Care, Sports & Exercise, Event Management, Journalism, Waste Management, Film Making and Acting

Prepare for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan has been in spotlight since the year 2010 for pursuing medical studies abroad. Kyrgyzstan is one of the leading countries in Central Asia, attracting thousands of foreign students every year, particularly for medical courses. There are 55 higher educational institutions and universities in Kyrgyzstan, out of which 37 are state institutions.

Some students are still hesitant about completing education in Kyrgyzstan due to misconception about safety reasons. Kyrgyzstan or Kyrgyz Republic was earlier part of the USSR until 1991 and India shares cordial relationship with both the nations.

Candidates have a choice from a small list of universities which are recognized by both MCI (Medical Council of India) and listed in the directory of WHO World Directory of Medical Schools. An informed selection among the available universities makes the candidate eligible to enrol for MCI Screening Test or apply to ECFMG for ECFMG Certification.

Every year majority of students find universities abroad to pursue medical education due to the inadequate medical seats available and also lingering issue of reservation. According to a report, in the academic year 2017-18, there are less than 6 medical seats per one lakh population and fewer than 3 dental seats per one lakh population. Also, the outcome of the NEET results discourages students due to fierce competition and may set you back with a year or so.

But, the universities in Kyrgyzstan which doesn’t require any such entrance tests and donation for courses conducted and thus has garnered much attention from the students. Also, it is a very economical option for aspirants with limited budget and can’t afford paying a stupendous amount of tuition fees and living costs in India or elsewhere in the world. Also, Indian students enjoy good flight connectivity between India and Kyrgyzstan.

The course is structured for 6 years and can approximately cost between 10 to 20 lakh INR. It gives opportunity to students for availing state of the art facilities under the guidance of well experienced faculty. The government has successfully created impeccable education infrastructure with modern equipment and internationally affiliated syllabus. If you need to find more information about preparing for studying in Kyrgyzstan, please contact our education consultants.

Prepare for MBBS in Philippines

Philippines was a part of the USA colonies for almost 50 years and has also adapted the globally famous American education system. It thus has an advantage wherein students do not have to learn an additional local language as in the case of say Russia or China. The local community is well versed with English.

Since the NEET examination is made compulsory, many consultants have been misguiding students to pursue medical education abroad to avoid the hassles in India. To avoid being a victim of this situation, it is imperative to look up the MCI (Medical Council of India) website to check authenticity as well as the directory of WHO World Directory of Medical Schools.

Also, students can check for the accurate information from reliable source such as the Indian Embassy of Manila website which deals with various FAQsregarding the education system in Philippines. They address many prominent issues including the dubious role played by agents misguiding about BS/Medicine courses. Students are advised to be updated with the advisory issued by the Embassy on such occasions to avoid any such incidences.

Unlike other countries, the journey of getting admission to a MD course is quite tricky. Students after passing out 10+2 from India, have to enrol for BS course which is a degree course having three semesters before they are eligible to take the NMAT test and enrol for MD course. Sadly, unless you are able to achieve a very competitive score in NMAT it doesn’t guarantee admission to an MD course as it largely depends upon the university. This makes the entire duration of the course longer almost 6.5 years!!!

While many consultants encash on the fact that the education is inexpensive in Philippines, there are many other important factors to be considered for a successful medical career. The quality of education and the credibility is vital to give boost to the future flag bearers of the globe.

If you need to find more information about preparing for studying in Philippines, please contact our education consultants.

Begin the journey of your education overseas with Edukraft India

The decision of pursuing education in a totally foreign land seems unnerving to most of the students as well as parents. While the investment in international education is overwhelming but the returns are invaluable. It surely does give a boost to your career along with providing important life lessons which helps in overall development of a being.

Edukraft India helps you to guide and plan this journey as smoothly as possible after understanding your requirements and resources. Our education consultants will recommend on selecting the most suitable courses in recognised universities around the globe after checking the eligibility for the same. We also prepare students for different tests which are mandatory for applying for admission in the universities.

Students can opt for career counselling after completing high school (10+2) to understand different prospects which they may undertake to achieve their long term goals. Most of the universities offer undergraduate (UG) courses, bachelor programs and even MBBS. The cost, duration and structure of the courses across various field differs from universities depending upon the destination. Some countries like UK and USA have a common application process and are mostly preferred chosen by international students who wish to study UG abroad. Opting for overseas education at this stage, allows students to get acquainted with the education system after which either they can opt for jobs or even pursue higher education quite confidently.

Students after completion of graduation in India definitely benefit on deciding to undertake higher education/ post graduate programs such as MBA, MTech or any other programs internationally. Students who wish to apply to business schools require undertaking the GMAT/GRE tests and the score is acceptable at most of the management education institutions throughout the world. It is advisable to prepare a year in advance to ensure that you get accepted at your preferred university since such programs are becoming quite popular among students.

Studying abroad is a life changing opportunity allowing you to fetch your dreams and turn them into reality. It may seem daunting and challenging initially but students opting for international education explore a different culture while shaping their future and it also provides experiences and skills which help in developing overall personality of an individual.

We provide assistance in pursuing overseas education in countries - UK, USA, Canada, China, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Dubai and Singapore. Contacts us for any queries related to overseas education and we shall put our experience and knowledge to the best use for your brighter future.