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diploma in labour law

  1. Accreditation & Re-Accreditation with ''''''''A'''''''' Grade by NAAC, India
  2. The Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India has accorded “A” grade status to the University
  3. The University Grants Commission has conferred 12(B) status on the University, which makes it eligible to enter into collaborations with universities abroad.
  4. The programmes in Pharmacy, Engineering and Management have been continuously accredited by National Board of Accreditation.
  5. The University has been placed among the Top 50 Universities in India in the rankings awarded by India Today.
  6. The University has been placed among the Top 5 Universities in the Western Region in the rankings awarded by India Today.
  7. The University has been among the Top 10 Universities preferred by Overseas Students for Higher Education in India.
  8. Our Institutes of Management, Pharmacy, Engineering, Law and others are regularly find place in the top rankings of institutions in India in respective disciplines

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